Braci Best Pizza Willoughby North Shore


Braci bridges together the fiery passions of Italy and Australia into a pizza-focused restaurant accompanied by world class wine and cocktails. Elegant simplicity is at the heart of everything we do to provide a refined yet relaxed neighbourhood venue offering. 

When you start with amazing produce there is very little needed to be done in order to honour those ingredients and create delicious and nourishing food. Food should always be an occasion and it can hold so many fond memories in our heart. Pizza is not a selfish affair and it’s sharing nature can create beautiful moments between family and friends. Simple ingredients, an informed set of hands and proper firewood husbandry can and does create something truly worth savouring.


Our philosophy with pizza is simple, less is more, and the quality of those ingredients are absolutely paramount. Pizza is bread at the end of the day, and this is something that can change no matter how perfect the recipe. Even the weather can affect each batch of dough, the Carlei family has held onto a secret dough recipe for generations and have had the experience and patience over time to truly master their craft. 


With the fundamentals of pizza truly understood by Executive Pizzaiolo Chris Carlei and the seasonal and local expertise of General Manager Toby Robinson, together there is a special bond of understanding the fundamentals of food and providing something truly delicious to diners. 


General Manager Toby Robinson (ex-Firedoor, Bistecca, The Gidley) highlights the very best in wine and spirits at Braci, with seasonality and locality at forefront. Whether you prefer to stick to the classics, or dare to try something new, Braci will have a beverage for you.

Braci Osteria + Pizzeria has exclusivity over the Carlei Estate and Carlei Green Vineyards wine portfolio in NSW. We are also home of Carlei's Cellar Door in Sydney. What does this mean for our guests? We are able to pour exquisite new and aged wines at an incredible price point, taking out the middleman to bring the winery directly to you. The Braci and Carlei families have been making wine together in the Cardinia Ranges since 1998, producing some of the first biodynamic wines in Australia and some of the best to this day. Sustainable viticulture is at the heart of all we do, and we look forward to sharing this with you.

We've also racked up the frequent flyer points doing our research for our selection of Italian wines. We've partnered with some of the best and most sustainable Italian wineries to bring you a fine selection of Barolos, Chiantis and Super Tuscans.

Our backbar highlights local spirit producers when possible, with a healthy side of Italian amaro. 


Chris Carlei & Toby Robinson